Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Time

I've been stuck for a while now, trying to find a way forward that would still leave me whole. I tried to take stock, but all I could see was this mass of old hurts and the laundry list of my lackings. 

Surely in all these negatives, there had to be some positives? 

And this last weekend, I discovered them. I met with this fabulous group of women that I look up to and admire. And I was accepted and liked and yes, loved. And I accepted and liked and gave love. These smart, funny, capable women told me I am strong, and witty, and wise. 

And if they think it is so, then surely it has to be true. And truth is ever true; it cannot be unmade by time or will. 

So, I cannot change the truth of what was: my past made me who I am today, everything these women see in me and more. 

I cannot change what is; we are who we are today. 

I can change what will be. Instead of clinging to the shadows in the ruins left from my past, I can move out into the sunlight, to see and accept the gifts the past has left me. 

It is time to move on.

It is time to let go. 

It is time to forgive.